Campground EVP Recording

This EVP was captured by L.I.P.S. and sent by founder Kathy Owen. The campground area (Kern River Valley in California) is an area where cavalry soldiers massacred Native Americans in 1863. Lake Isabella Paranormal Society also captured what may be U.S. Cavalry drumming in the background at this same site.

"Here is some EVP from my digital voice recorder - the recording was taken at Tillie Creek Campground on the same night as the EVP I had just sent you. My son Daniel and my Daughter Kimberly were together, and on their own little investigation away from the group when they picked up this. There is one as non filtered, and one as filtered. What it sounds like to me is it saying...."Can You Help Me?" Maybe you will hear different from what I hear, but I thought you would enjoy this."

Listen to the EVP RecordingCampground EVP Recording

Listen to the EVP RecordingCampground EVP Recording (cleaned-up)

The first is the original EVP recording; the second file is the EVP filtered and slowed. It will repeat twice with two different clean-ups. Do you hear a female voice say, "Can you help me?"