Demon Pictures

Do we have an authentic demon picture? We do not believe so, but you can take a look.

The first demon picture (actually two demon pictures) is of the Democratic Debate in 2000. Some believe the picture has a demon between the speakers. It is not a hoax photo. The image was accidentally produced and is a form of "pareidolia" (in this case, seeing a face in an inanimate object). Can you see the demon-looking face between Al Gore and Bill Bradley?

The third image is of a demonic-looking creature, most likely created for a video clip as the pic looks like a video still.

The third demon pic was sent to us, some time ago, and looks like it was created using an art program or maybe shows an inflatable display on someone's porch. You can read about this photo submission, below:

"My name is Arby and my friend was taking pictures of himself and this picture looks like there is something behind his right shoulder. I am not sure if it is a ghost or maybe just something else like the camera wasn't working well. We don't know exactly what it is."

The fifth demon picture is a fantasy art work by and represents the imagination of man with respect to traditional ideas of how a demon might look - as invisible beings out to get us, something to be feared.

We believe demons to be hurtful, fearful thoughts - the "mis-thinking mind" of a person, whether on this side of the grave or the other. For the state of mind is the person and where they exist, who they are. How can one take a picture of true demons if they are symbolicly corrupt or degraded human thoughts?

Many believe demons to be hiding behind rocks and trees; but we feel they really hide as fears in the minds of men. Ghosts who exhibit attacking and disruptive behavior are often mislabeled as "demon"s or "devils." So far, we have not been able to conclude through historical or experimental evidence that demons exist as a completely different and real entity.