Ectoplasm in Ghost Pictures

Ectoplasm & an 1800s MediumView ectoplasm ghost pictures and understand more about this paranormal oddity...

True ectoplasm in ghost pictures is not as common as some other ghostly anomalies captured in photographs, such as orbs.

Although smoke, fog, steam, moisture, or human breath are often mistaken as ghost mists, naturally occuring phenomena cannot explain photos with true ectoplasm vapor trails.

Above Photo: An unknown psychic medium is photographed in the 1800s purportedly "oozing" spirit ectoplasm out of her ear and onto a table during a seance. This type of ectoplasm was later thought to be faked by mediums of the day and should not be confused with ghostly mists or vapors.

Pictures of Ectoplasm Ghosts
Ghosts are disembodied people who are lost and are remaining earthbound, meaning on this physical plane. Sometimes, ghosts and spirits captured in pictures appear as mists, vapors or fogs. Today, in modern ghost hunting, this is type of ghost manifestation is sometimes referred to as "ectoplasm." It is important when trying to capture ghosts with a camera or video camera, that the photographer remember not to exhale during shots; otherwise, warmed breath in cold air can produce a vaporous mist. The ghost photographer must also keep a lookout for moisture in the air (rain, snow, fountain dew, cigarette smoke and steam. Our friend and fellow ghost investigator, Kathy Owen has reproduced some of these effects for us so that you can compare: False Ectoplasm Ghost Pictures.

Ectoplasm, manifestations of spirit in physical form, typically have vapor trails that are pronounced. Many believe that ectoplasm is the initial stage before a ghost manifests as an apparition.  You can see more ectoplasm ghost pictures here: Mists & Vapors Ghost Pictures and Ectoplasm Ghost Picture Examples.

More About Ectoplasm in the 1800s
Ectoplasm first was coined to describe a milky substance purportedly secreted from the orifices of psychic medium about a century ago. It eventually evolved into describing ghostly mists.

Learn how ectoplasm got its start in the paranormal.

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Minnie Harrison Ectoplasm Pictures
Ms. Harrison was a psychic medium of note in the 1940-1950's. See her ectoplasm.

Mina Crandon Ectoplasm Pictures
Also known as Margery, this psychic was famous for her ectoplasm during trances!