One thought on “LC at Paranormal Outreach Radio”

  1. A Central London PubWhilst the pub in question must for the mnmeot remain nameless, the experiences whilst exploring the place cannot.A three-floored venue, straight out of a Dickens novel, this place delivered atmosphere by the shed-load! It wasn’t until I reached the top floor though, that something made itself known.Initially, a loud sigh grabbed my attention over there, to my left. I knew I was alone on this floor, the room was small and suddenly a little claustrophobic. The sigh turned into a rasping breath, I looked in the direction of the sounds and my gaze steadied upon an old leather chair which promptly creaked at me.I turned to leave and immediately heard what I can only describe as monks singing I don’t know why I think they were monks, that was the image that immediately came to mind when I heard it. It lasted maybe 5 seconds at most and it was coming from another small room to my right.

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