Spotting a Fake or False Ghost Photo

For many years, now, we have been privy to viewing a bevy of photographs that people thought might be paranormal. Some were, and some were not.

The Early Years of Angels & Ghosts
At first, almost everything seemed likes ghosts to us when examining fotos. After a couple years of presenting these images to website visitors, we began attempting to understand what was causing strange artifacts in some of them. Numerous experiments later, we found we could duplicate many of the odd, but accidental effects. Some we could not recreate; and to us, they were beyond normal – possibly, supernatural.

Ghost Photos: Fakery & Falsehoods
Having examples and research as our basis for ghost photography, we recently decided to amp up our pages about false and fake ghost photos. False photos are those which are accidental but very explainable aberrations. Fakes would, then, be deliberately-altered photographs created by people to surface around the web. So, spotting a fake or false ghost photo can be as easy as using our pages of information of pics that definitely do not contain ghosts. If it cannot be explained with what we provide you as a reference point, then maybe, you have a photo of a specter. Working to first disprove in order to prove seems to make much more sense. But, we don’t like to call it that or even “debunking” – let’s call it being a bit more educated in order to get to the bottom of a good mystery.

Begin exploring our research in our section entitled, Fake Ghost Pictures. You’ll notice we have pages about scientific explanations such as anthropomorphizing, matrixing and examining exif data (in example). Then, you will be able to explore pages of natural photo anomalies. Quite cool! And finally, we present outright fake ghost photography articles and examples. But, if you want a check list of how to examine a ghost photo, then read Ghosts We Think We See to see how you can tell if a real ghost is in your photo.

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