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March 2015

This month, we are focusing on helping those with haunting. Enjoy our articles, downloads and more!  – Louis

buy-digital-download-of-helping-ghosts-book-2015vHow to Resolve a Haunt

Have a haunting? Is it time to learn how to bring it to a close?
We are now offering a $4.99 PDF download of our book, ‘Helping Ghosts’.

Learn why ghosts haunt and how you can urge them to move on, bringing both the haunted and the haunter (the ghost) some much needed peace!

Angels & Ghosts ‘Theme Song’ – Free Download

angels-ghosts-theme-song-download-mp3-2015zz2We just had to do it. It’s now an MP3.

10 years ago, we had sourced a haunting melody that visitors to Angels & Ghosts could listen to – and some still ask for it.

Get the free MP3 download of the former Angels & Ghosts Theme Song.

answers-to-questions-about-ghosts-2015zz64 Questions & Answers About Ghosts

People ask us a lot of questions about ghosts. It’s either to confront their fears or to gain understanding of a haunt.

So, we’ve put together 64 Questions & Answers About Ghosts to help shed light on some of the most common queries people ask about haunting.

Some compelling stories, photos and articles…

Incorporeal Being Photograph?
You’ll have to examine this UK photo to see her.
Sachs Bridge Ghost Photo
Spirit Stalkers of Ohio’ classic pic has Social Media buzz.
Harry Price Lab and Library Clip
Vintage video of the famous ghost investigator…
White Sheet Ghost Picture
Odd, sheet-like whisp of spirit. Is it a ghost?
Yanchep Perth Fire Angel
Cool form in a hot place. Spirit or coincidence?
Signs a House May Be Haunted
Crawling Shadow Form
Real ghost story of a ghost kid…
Inspirational Cloud Angel Form
Faces can be all around us if want to see them.
Can Dogs See Ghosts?
Our canine friends may be very aware.

2 thoughts on “Angels & Ghosts News: Haunting Help”

  1. hello my name is nikki. when i was 16 i lived on many acres of woods secluded in pennsylvania. well i had many experiences while living there. but during that time in my life i was into wicca and ouija boards and seances (so that could be a cause) dont know…one day while walking through my wood infested driveway to meet a neighbor to take me to the bus stop i had a disturbing experience and i would love to know what it was. anyways while i was walking i started to hear chains clanging (heavy chains) behind my right side. i got a little nervous because i didnt know if it was a mean dog. then i hear the chains again this time closer and behind my left side of my hearing. then again and again getting closer and closer. i began to get scared and walk fast looking around me seeing nothing. all of a sudden i feel a rush of energy flare up from my lower back to my head and it roared loud and extremely very deeply. i turned around quickly, screamed, saw nothing there then ran for my life to the end of my driveway crouching in fear. what was that? another experience i had was when me and my mom would try to speak to my passed father and then take our picture (we were outside) i always had an orb or ectoplasm in my pictures. my m other had none and she took a session of pictures of me simply standing there. in the pictures you can clearly see a very large orb circling my head. it was so large it had a comet like tail..ive also asked my passed father to give me back a fairy brooch i lost and shortly after the pin appeared. I have another story…lol. when my grandfather died i found out over the phone while at my boyfriends house. i wanted to go home because i was so upset.on my way home after hearing of his death..which by the way my grandfather loved cats. he rescued 36 before he died. well on my way home as we were driving up my dirt mountain road to take me home twice our car was stopped by groups of cats of all colors. i cried out its “grandpa bob”. that night i couldnt sleep. i was to upset. as i was laying in bed i got up to turn the fan off in my bed room. i layed back down. at this point i really cant sleep. i get up out of bed to turn my fan back on and it wont work! i gave up throwing my body on my bed. then i thought maybe i should ask for help. i then asked grandpa bob if he could please turn my fan back on and with in seconds no joke seconds the fan turned on! i was amazed and then slept like a baby. but its been years since ive had anymore experiences.

  2. The photo on your site showing what you think is a spirit or angel through the car window is neither. You said to look closer. I did. In the right “wing” are at least 5 faces.

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