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Infrared Pass Filter Kit

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IR Pass Filter Kit - Converts Full Spectrum to Infrared:
$23.99 plus shipping
Our quality but inexpensive IR pass filter kit includes a scratch-resistant, plastic, Infrared band pass lens that blocks visible light while allowing Near Infrared light to pass through it. The Infrared pass filter comes with removable adhesive dots to easily affix the filter to the outside of a full spectrum camera or camcorder lens bezel (fits many point-and-shoot size cameras). Temporarily convert your full spectrum camera to see only Infrared! Take the lens off to return to full spectrum!

By placing just 2-3 adhesive dots to the filter, it can quickly be adhered in front of the full spectrum camera lens. The filter is easily removed to be used again, over and over! Convert your full spectrum camera, back and forth, from full spectrum to Infrared and back again!

Full spectrum cameras see both visible and Infrared light. By using our IR pass filter (in conjunction with your full spectrum camera) to block visible light, the sensor (eye) of the camera is then only able to see Infrared light which is allowed to "pass" through and be recorded. Use the Infrared kit to limit spectrum for ghost hunting of only the "unseen" (beyond human eyesight) realm or take beautiful Infrared photography!

Infrared Pass Filter Details:
The IR pass filter kit for sale (pictured at leftt) comes with one optical plastic filter and a dozen adhesive dots. It will work with any of our full spectrum cameras or digital cameras that have a stationary lens and are able to see Infrared light. Learn more about Infrared Cameras and Photos!

Our full spectrum cameras that have adjustable white balance (8.1 mp, 9.1 mp, 10.1 mp, 12.1 mp, 14.1 and 16.1 mp cameras) will allow for more adjustment of hue, ranging from pink, red, violet, and blue while photos are being taken. (For more information, read: Buy Infrared Cameras for Cheap)

Uses for Infrared-Only Photography
- Infrared photography for artistic purposes: Infrared photographs may also be altered in an art program to adjust the hue for more amazing colors!
- Ghost Investigation: Some ghost investigators prefer shooting ghost pictures only in the Infrared spectrum (instead of multiple spectrum). Our IR pass filter works great for ghost hunting, if you only want to record environments in Infrared! Some try to make their own filter using film - buy our IR band pass filter which is optically clear - do it right.

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