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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Ghost Hunting Equipment, Shipping, Returns & Payment
This section serves as a place for you to get more info about our ghost hunting equipment, including cameras, ghost box radios, laser grid lights and more. If you do not find an answer, please send us an e-mail.

Paying, Shipping & Returning Ghost Hunting Equipment
Q: What payment methods do you take for your ghost hunting products?
A: The Fringe Technology Store uses PayPal to process payments, allowing our customers to pay by PayPal or major credit cards (such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc).

Q: How do you ship ghost investigation items?
A: Most of our products ship within 24-72 hours from within receipt of the order. As you may imagine, packaging and shipping of ghost investigation cameras, ghost boxes, full spectrum camcorders, and other items may require alteration, testing and packaging before we feel the item is ready to ship. All of our items ship via the United States Postal Service (USPS) with many of them shipping out Priority if delivery is within the continental United States. We also insure most all of the products we ship within the United States. When your package ships, we will mark it as "shipped" within PayPal. PayPal will send an e-mail verification that your order has shipped. We have never not shipped an order. If you place an order, you will receive your merchandise.

Q: Do you ship overseas?
A: Customers who reside outside of the U.S.A. will also receive their items via the USPS. Insurance is optional but extra for overseas shipments of ghost hunting products. For items to be eligible for insurance, items must be shipped Priority. Shipping to countries outside of the United States should be quoted by us through e-mail. Otherwise, we will be in contact with available shipping options. If no additional monies are paid to cover insurance, or you do not write us to inquire about insurance, we will assume you do not want the package insured and will ship it First Class and without insurance.

Q: Do you take returns of your ghost hunting items?
A: We only accept returns within two weeks of order date and on defective items, only. Because we custom alter many of our products, all sales are final unless defective; so know what you are buying and e-mail us with questions if you are unsure.

Q: Do you have testimonials?
A: Absolutely! We have posted some of the testimonials we have received. Check out: Testimonies About Our Products & Service and Full Spectrum Camera Ghost Pictures.

Ghost Hunting Equipment Questions & Answers: Laser Grid Lights
Q: How many batteries will the laser grid light take and how long will they last?
A: We have found that good batteries last about an hour if the laser is left on for an hour while monitoring haunted hallways for ghost movement. Be sure and take extra with you!

Q: How does the clamp work?
A: Our laser grid light comes with a simple spring clamp that serves a dual purpose: It keeps the light on while propping it up to the perfect level. It's simplicity has allowed us to keep our price low.

Q: Why should I buy the 5mW model of laser you recommend for ghost hunting?
A: Because the stronger model of lasers are not necessary to cast a visible grid pattern, and their laser strength poses more of a risk to people and pets. Never shine a laser into anyone's eye! We should also mention that stronger lasers use up batteries much quicker.

Q: Will the laser grid pattern be able detect all types of ghost manifestations?
A: No. The laser pattern will only help our our eyes (or the eye of a video camera) detect ghost movement if the anomaly is solid enough to disrupt the beam pattern. Shadow ghosts have been the primary type of ghost manifestation reported to have been made more detectable by the laser grid pattern, especially in darker, night time environments. That's not to say that other types of visible manifestations of ghosts will not break the beam. If we can see it, it is likely it can disrupt laser light.

Ghost Hunting Equipment Questions & Answers: Full Spectrum Cameras
Q: Why are full spectrum cameras better than stock cameras for ghost hunting?
A: For one, they do not use the flash unit but rely upon Infrared lighting to see in the dark. Our full spectrum - ghost hunting cameras capture fewer false anomalies and the ghost investigators eyes are not compromised by flashes of light. Secondly, the camera can see the human range of vision and much more beyond what we can see. Imagine being able to monitor and photograph what is hidden within invisible ranges of light! Full spectrum cameras are able to see a much broader range which is much more conducive to capturing ghosts that are manifesting in and out of multiple spectrums of light. Thirdly, ghost investigators who are using full spectrum cameras for ghost hunting are capturing some stunning photographs. Learn more: ghost hunting cameras with night vision.

The conversion we make to our digital cameras allows them to see in low-light conditions, improving the quality of ghost investigation. False orbs caused by dust are dramatically reduced if not eliminated because the flash unit is no longer required to take photos in dark conditions.

Most ghost hunting cameras used by people who are attempting to capture evidence of spirits are nothing special. Typically, investigators are using normal, digital cameras with the flash (and sometimes mistakenly turn on night time settings that lengthen the exposure time). The problem with this is that using the camera's flash unit (and night time settings) can produce plenty of false anomalies such as dust orbs, light reflections, light bars, orange haze, and seemingly see-through objects (people or things). Such images are not paranormal at all. This is why we need true ghost hunting cameras converted to see a “full spectrum” of light.

The paranormal field is changing with respect to ghost hunting cameras. Full spectrum cameras are now being used by more investigators, especially as more options are becoming available. In the past, to have a full spectrum camera professionally made would cost hundreds of dollars. Recent discoveries have allowed a select few to be able to alter the lens in order to create ghost hunting cameras that are less expensive. Now you can buy full spectrum cameras at an affordable price, equipping entire paranormal investigative teams with cameras that work much better for ghost detection.

Why isn't the rechargeable lithium battery working?
A: Almost always, the battery is good because we test them before shipment. If it appears that the battery is not working, it is most often due to one of the following reasons:

1) Make sure the battery is inserted properly into the camera with the contacts in the proper position.
2) If the battery is inserted properly, charge the battery for an hour or two until fully charged.
3) Make sure you are not confusing the zoom bars (Vivitar models) with the battery power bars. Look closely at the LCD screen or reference the owner's manual to determine the difference.

Q: Will the full spectrum camera also record full spectrum video?
A: Most all of our full spectrum models also come with video capability - yes.

Q: Will the colors of objects look the same when photographed with a full spectrum camera?
No they will not. The camera sees light beyond the visible, so the colors will be different. The full spectrum camera is your new
set of eyes to see more than you could without it, so this is why its photographs and video look differently than a normal camera.

Q: With a full spectrum camera, is it still possible to record reflecting light?
A: Yes. Even though the flash unit is no longer needed when used in conjunction with an Infrared light source, IR light, UV and Visible light can still reflect off of shiny surfaces, cast shadows and illuminate to the eye of the full spectrum camera. However, eliminating the use of the camera's flash drastically reduces the amount of light reflections, hazes, light bars, dust orbs and cast shadows that are not paranormal. Note: IR light can still illuminate dust particles near the lens, but much less frequently than if using a standard digital camera.

Q: Which full spectrum camera model is your favorite and why?
A: The Vivitar 8.1 mp 8025 conversion has some features we love such as a rechargeable lithium battery, big LCD screen and takes amazingly clear photographs for a reasonable price! We usually carry a pre-owned model or two in stock or can take custom orders if you would like a brand new one...just write us.

Ghost Hunting Equipment Questions & Answers: Using the Ghost Box
Q: Which ghost box is better?
A: In our opinion, all of the ghost box models we sell work well to hear and/or record ghost voices. The differences are primarily the speed in which the ghost box sweeps the AM or FM bands. The following is a brief chart that shows the difference in sweep rate as the ghost box moves from band to band:

Ghost Box Model - Sweep Rate (Seconds/Frequency)
12-469/12-470 Shack Hack: .16 seconds
12-587 Ghost Box: .20 seconds
DT-200X/DT200VX Ghost Box: .11 seconds
Seance Spirit Communicator: .20 seconds

Q: Do I need to purchase an audio recorder to use the ghost box?
A: No. But, we do recommend using an audio recorder. Here's why. Although, you can oftentimes hear EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) coming through the speaker of the ghost box, sometimes, the communications are not easy to discern and may pass by your ears quickly. By using an audio recorder, either digital or analog, you can go back through the recordings on your computer, listen to them, find what you missed live and trim out noise - not to mention being able to save them for later listening or sharing. Still, some ghost hunters prefer not to record messages received from a ghost box so they can simply hear only the clearest of communications from the other side of the grave.

More FAQs coming!