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We began our quest to better understand the afterworld over twenty years ago. The Angels & Ghosts website was launched in 2004 as a way to be able to source and share examples of spectral activity, presenting our findings for those seeking more information about various entities and uncommon phenomena.

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Why aren't there more ghosts?Why Are There Not More Ghosts?
With all the people who have ever lived on earth, how come we do not see more ghosts?

Do ghosts fade away over time? We explore both of these great questions!

Angels & Ghosts: Our Ghost TheoriesOur Theories About Ghosts
Why do ghosts haunt? What happens to the soul after death - what do we experience?

Why are ghosts 'unclean' and different from higher spirits?

Check out our theories...

Ghosts: Undiscovered Energy TheoryGhosts: Undiscovered Energy Theory
What are ghosts? This mystery has haunted researchers for centuries. While there are different classifications of ghosts, why can't the soul of a person, or a ghost, be proven by scientists?

Does Einstein's 'theory of relativity' hold a clue that may help to explain the seen and unseen worlds?

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What Are Angels?Angels: What Are They?
Read about some perspectives about angels that may change what you think about the angelic realm and higher spirits.

Some common beliefs we learn about angels in church seem to be lacking. And we can even see the contradiction within the Bible.

EVP of Ghosts CussingGhost Voices Cussing
We know this might not seem like an enlightening article, on the surface, but it is good to know stuff. Listen for yourself.

Audio recordings of ghosts swearing prove that use of the ghost box can bring forth more than radio broadcast snippets (as some critics like to think).

2015 Pictures, Stories & Videos of Spirits, Ghosts & Angels

Ghost Essence PhotographGhost Essence Photograph?
They moved into their new home and didn't expect to snap a pic of their toddler running face-first into an unseen cloud of mist.

Is this a ghost cloud or something else non-paranormal? Read, look and decide...

White Cloak Ghost PictureWhite Cloak Ghost Photo
The selfie pic is becoming more and more prominent in our culture and so is the selfie ghost phenomenon.

She was taking a photo of herself in the mirror. We examine what appeared behind her!

Photo Album Ghost Picture

Photo Album Ghost Picture
Could loved ones in spirit have been with them while looking at family photographs? This anomaly appeared with them.

We examined this ghost photo, running it through a pixel test, and cannot detect any tampering!

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Octagon Hall Spirit of Little MarySpirit of Little Mary or an Angel?

Striking angelic-looking figure appears overtop of a child's bed in Octagon Hall.

Was it Little Mary or an angel? The pic hangs in her room today...

Angel Fighting a FireAngel Fighting a Fire?

Spectator at a burning building takes an innocent photograph as firefighters dowse rising flames.

What was not expected to be in the photo, however, was a striking image in the smoke that appears to be an angel. What?

Ghost & Angel Encounters See more 2013-2014-2015 angel pictures

Gettysburg Battlefield Ghost VideoGettysburg Battlefield Ghost Video
This video showing apparitions appearing and disappearing at dusk is a favorite of ours.

Take a look above the rocks near the edge of the trees.

Communication with the Deceased documentaryCommunication with the Deceased
Watch this video and learn the history of communicating with spirits, angels, and ghosts using electronic instruments, known as Instrumental Transcommunication (or ITC for short).


Ghost & Angel Encounters
 Watch more of our ghost videos...

Ghosts, spirits and angels are proof of the spirit realm that we exist within, and we aim to convince. Explore thousands of pages of articles, photos, stories, videos, and audio evidence; study historical, spiritual and religious ideas about the afterlife. Enjoy paranormal experiments, web cams, ghost tours and learn more about the world of spirits. - Louis Charles

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