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We began our quest to better understand the afterworld over twenty years ago. The Angels & Ghosts website was launched in 2004 as a way to be able to source and share examples of spectral activity, presenting our findings for those seeking more information about various entities and uncommon phenomena.

Ghosts, spirits and angels are proof of the spirit realm that we exist within, and we aim to convince. Explore thousands of pages of articles, photos, stories, videos, and audio evidence; study historical, spiritual and religious ideas about the afterlife. Enjoy paranormal experiments, web cams, ghost tours and learn more about the world of spirits. - Louis Charles

Ghost & Angel Encounters Latest Pictures, Stories & Videos 

Truck Stop Ghost PictureTruck Stop Ghost Picture
Taken at a gas pump in Houma, Louisiana this photograph had a surprise peculiarity appear by a trailer...but what is it?

Some see a face; others see little-bodied figure with two coal-black eyes. If not a ghost, then what?

Bathroom Peeking GhostBathroom Peeking Ghost?
Their homes and family have been haunted for years, but they have had no idea by who.

A recent photograph taken in a bathroom revealed a man in the glass of the window. Is he their ghost?

Hanover PA Haunting

Hanover, Pennsylvania Haunting
Did a news team get more than they bargained for while visiting this haunted home in PA? One might think so...

See photos of the ghost and scratches left on someone's body -- watch the TV story about the frightenend reporters!

Headless Ghost?Headless Ghost?

A visit to Rocky Mountain National Park turned strange with signs that someone was watching Christine and her husband that day.

They would later review the snapshots from their excursion and find a man without a head appearing in two, non-consecutive photos. Is he her father?

Smithsonian Ghost!
Smithsonian Ghost -Take 2
We received a second picture taken at the American History Museum in Washington, D.C. that shows what may be a man's face.

This time, though, the ghost-like face is better defined as if it is being more fully revealed. Is it a spirit or some weird light reflection? Great validation pic!

Scottish Soldier GhostGerman Cemetery Ghost Soldier?
While on a school field trip, Mitch was doing research for his writing class. Did the teenager photograph a man in kilt at a graveyard in France?

This ghost photo went viral, recently, but is it really evidence of a World War I ghost? 

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Butchart Gardens AngelButchart Gardens Angel

A fountain at a botanical park in British Columbia surprises the photographer with a striking angelic, winged pose.

If someone were looking for a sign in nature, it would be hard to miss this one!

Messiah Fest Angel?Messiah Fest Angel?

A recent time of worship and praise seems to have possibly brought a heavenly visitor to a person in need.

Does this photograph taken at the event reveal the face of an angel? You decide...


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Miracle of the Sun 1917Miracle of the Sun in 1917
Near Fatima, Portugal a rather large crowd of spectators gathered in a field to see if a miracle might occur.

Both skeptics and believers alike left with more questions than answers. For what they witnessed was unreal.

First Documented Ghost in the U.S.First Documented Ghost in the U.S.
The story of Nellie Butler and the haunting that she instigated is not well known among ghost enthusiasts. Yet, her frequent appearances and communications with at least 100 witnesses is incredible.

To learn about Nellie, we need to travel back a couple of centuries...

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Is this a whispering ghost?Whispering Ghost?
In this video, it's not about what you will see but what you will hear.

Drag out your headphones, turn up the volume and listen for the videographer's name to be spoken at the end of it!

Espanola Cemetery Ghost Video
Florida Cemetery Ghost Video

Nima recorded video while exploring a Bunnell, FL graveyard, rumored to have haunting activity.

He thought he might have seen something move across the screen and later validated it when reviewing the footage. Take a look!

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Ghost & Angel Encounters Featured Articles

Destruction of the Native American CultureDestruction of Native American Culture
Read how native North American peoples were stripped of their land, families and identities.

This is truly a tragic story that needs to be better understood, especially how Native Americans are still impacted by the wrongs that were done to them by European settlers and the United States government. Article by Becky Duplain.

Capturing Ghosts on FilmCapturing Ghosts on Film

Learn how ghost and spirit photography got its start along with the human fascination with pictures of spirits and ideas about ethereal regions that lie just beyond human eyesight.

Fantastic essay from Robert Irving!