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We began our quest to better understand the afterworld over twenty years ago. The Angels & Ghosts website was launched in 2004 as a way to be able to source and share examples of spectral activity, presenting our findings for those seeking more information about various entities and uncommon phenomena.

Ghost & Angel Encounters Featured Ghost & SPirit Stories, Articles & Information!

Best Ways to Prove GhostsBest Ways to Prove Ghosts Are Real
Do you want proof that ghosts exist? This article goes into the details of ghost encounters that cannot be disproved.

Download our infographic and share with others: 5 Ghost Sightings That Prove Ghosts Are Real

Do Ghost Hunting TV Shows Fake Evidence?Do TV Ghost Hunting Shows Fake Evidence?

We look at a few notorious 'busted' moments of popular paranormal TV shows, when credibility of modern-day 'ghost hunters' has come into question due to faking of evidence and production company hype.

Don't believe all that you see on TV!

Ghosts: Undiscovered Energy TheoryGhosts: Undiscovered Energy Theory
What are ghosts? This mystery has haunted researchers for centuries. While there are different classifications of ghosts, why can't the soul of a person, or a ghost, be proven by scientists?

Does Einstein's 'theory of relativity' hold a clue that may help to explain the seen and unseen worlds?

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Mysticism: What Are Mystic Experiences?Mysticism: What Are Mystical Experiences?
Ever wonder what denotes a mystical experience? So did we!

We examine the commonalities found within these transcendent, spiritual occurrences, shedding some light on mystical journeys.


Digital Camera Errors NOT GhostsDigital Cameras: Errors NOT Ghosts
We have seen a lot of pictures over the past 10 years; and some of them are not paranormal and seem 'inexplicable.' In this article, we present some camera errors that might help to explain some false ghosts found on the Internet.

Ghost & Angel Encounters 2014 Pictures, Stories & Videos of Spirits, Ghosts & Angels 

Ghost Face ImprintGhost Face Imprint?
They have been haunted, they believe, by someone -- possibly by a ghostly man.

Is this facial impression on Jean's iPad cover from the unknown entity? You decide...

Ghost in FirePictures of a Ghost in a Fire
Haunted home in Sweden has had a shadow ghost sighting, but this picture, snapped of the fireplace, could be visible proof of its ghostly resident.

The entity does look like a male figure and not a spirit produced by the smoke and bricks - the image details are striking.

Photo Album Ghost Picture

Photo Album Ghost Picture
Could loved ones in spirit have been with them while looking at family photographs? This anomaly appeared with them.

We examined this ghost photo, running it through a pixel test, and cannot detect any tampering!

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Octagon Hall Spirit of Little MarySpirit of Little Mary or an Angel?

Striking angelic-looking figure appears overtop of a child's bed in Octagon Hall.

Was it Little Mary or an angel? The pic hangs in her room today...

We are never aloneWe Are Never Alone

Are our skies filled with subliminal messages that let us know we are never truly alone?

Do these gentle reminders reveal the spirits that are really watching all of us? Some wonder...

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Espanola Cemetery Ghost VideoGhost Light Flash Video
A night vision camera sees an unexplainable 'pop' of light, rather large, occur in the center of the room whileunder surveillance.

Is it paranormal, perhaps, ghost phenomena? Take a look!

Communication with the Deceased documentaryCommunication with the Deceased
Watch this video and learn the history of communicating with spirits, angels, and ghosts using electronic instruments, known as Instrumental Transcommunication (or ITC for short).


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Ghosts, spirits and angels are proof of the spirit realm that we exist within, and we aim to convince. Explore thousands of pages of articles, photos, stories, videos, and audio evidence; study historical, spiritual and religious ideas about the afterlife. Enjoy paranormal experiments, web cams, ghost tours and learn more about the world of spirits. - Louis Charles

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