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We began our quest to better understand the afterworld over twenty years ago. The Angels & Ghosts website was launched in 2004 as a way to be able to source and share examples of spectral activity, presenting our findings for those seeking more information about various entities and uncommon phenomena.

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Religious Object Disappears, ReappearsReligious Object Goes AWOL, Returns
Keith has a haunt under paranormal investigation. Cabinet doors are opening on their own, furniture is being toppled or piled up and items are being moved about the home.

Interestingly, a cross went this strange story!

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Haunted by Shadows Ghost StoryHaunted by Shadows Ghost Story
Have you ever seen something move out of the corner of your eyes, thinking that something must be there? And what if it isn't? And, what if it repeatedly occurs, over and over, small and quick...

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Teddy Roosevelt's Ghost?Teddy Roosevelt's Ghost
The Menger Hotel in Texas is said to have it's ghosts - 38 is the claim.

But, none would be more famous than a former President who made his presence known in the bar. Did he come back?

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Angel or Stranger Visitation?Angel or Stranger Visitation?
She asked for a sign. She asked for help. A stranger appears and speaks with her while walking. His demeanor was different - he was a solid form.

Was he an angel or just could he have known?

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Video Ghost StoriesGhost Stories on Video!
Watch various stories about ghosts and haunting, even paranormal mysteries, put together into a collection of videos.

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Ghosts, spirits and angels are proof of the spirit realm that we exist within, and we aim to convince. Explore thousands of pages of articles, photos, stories, videos, and audio evidence; study historical, spiritual and religious ideas about the afterlife. Enjoy paranormal experiments, web cams, ghost tours and learn more about the world of spirits. - Louis Charles