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Send Us Your Paranormal Evidence!

We will consider...

  • Shadow ghost photos
  • Apparition pictures, spirit photos
  • Ghost stories and encounters
  • Ghost and angel videos for our YouTube channel
  • Angel stories, photos, videos, experiences
  • Near death or out-of-body experiences
  • Stories about psychic or spiritual experiences
  • Technical articles, theories, or ideas for new experiments!

Instructions for Submitting Evidence of Ghosts, Angels or Spirits

To submit paranormal evidence to us, please fill out our form completely. 

We are NOT looking for orb photos, ectoplasm mist photos, energy/light anomaly photos, or cloud angel photos but desire only true and excellent photographic evidence, compelling video or well-written accounts. We cannot respond to all of the emails received OR ANSWER QUESTIONS.

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We cannot promise we'll post your evidence of the paranormal on our site; but if it is good enough (and what we are looking for) you just may see it on the Angels & Ghosts website. If so, you will be notified when and where the evidence posts. By sending us evidence of ghosts, spirits or angels, you are granting Angels & Ghosts the permission to post it on the website.