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The Angels & Ghosts Store offers unique products and books, including modified ghost investigation equipment for sale such as digital Infrared and full spectrum ghost hunting cameras, laser grids, and ghost communication devices including the ghost box (spirit box) for use with EVP recording. Explore our Product Categories or the FAQ page.
DT200VX Ghost Box Image


DT200VX Ghost Box
RARE ghost box for ghost and spirit communication!

Sony Audio Recorder for EVP Image


Sony Audio Recorder for EVP
Inexpensive audio recorder for Ghost Hunting EVP collection!

NEW Full Spectrum Camera Image


NEW Full Spectrum Camera
Ghost hunting camera proven by ghost investigators!

Refurbished Full Spectrum Camera Image


Refurbished Full Spectrum Camera
Grab up a full spectrum camera for cheap!

Rechargeable Infrared Light Image


Rechargeable Infrared Light
Our rechargeable Infrared light works great with our cameras in darkness!

Infrared Pass Filter Kit Image



Infrared Pass Filter Kit
Instantly turn a full spectrum camera into Infrared!

Ghost Hunting Book Image


Ghost Hunting Book
Pick up a signed copy of Helping Ghosts and learn how to solve haunting!

1883 Society for Psychical Research Book Image


1883 Society for Psychical Research Book
Antique book for the serious ghost collector!

1919 The Best Ghost Stories Image


1919 The Best Ghost Stories
Collection of ghost stories from various authors...rare.

Prominent American Ghosts Image


Prominent American Ghosts
1967 book by Susy Smith...

Family Ghosts Image


Family Ghosts
1933 Family Ghosts book by Elliott O'Donnell

William Mumler Image


William Mumler
Book about the spirit photographer's life.

EMF Meter to Detect Ghosts Image


EMF Meter to Detect Ghosts
Our EMF meter is tuned to help detect ghosts!

Laser Grid Light & Stand Image



Laser Grid Light & Stand
Laser grid light with stand for ghost detection.

Audio Monitor for Ghost EVP Image



Audio Monitor for Ghost EVP
Use our audio monitor to listen for ghost voices in haunted locations!