Apparition Ghost Photo Examples

Apparition Ghost PhotoApparition ghost pictures are the holy grail of ghost pictures. While some photo captures are undeniably a see-through person that almost looks like solid matter, others may be just a trick of the eye.

From time to time, we receive ghost pictures with apparitions - it's definitely not an every day occurrence.  Although rare, apparitions are still witnessed and photographed. The following are some examples to review...

Some Other Explanations for Apparitions in Ghost Photos
While some apparition ghost photo examples are very compelling evidence of ghostly activity, others are the product of something known in the ghost hunting community as "matrixing." The effect is when the human brain and eye work together to assemble shapes and patterns into familiar images. One of the more famous examples of this naturally occurring phenomena is the face of Jesus found on a grilled cheese sandwich. The scientific term for this is really known as "pareidolia" or "anthropomorphizing," the latter meaning "to give human attributes to non-human things." It is something we humans do socially, as we try and identify with the world around us.

Apparition Ghost Photo ExamplesApparitions may also be created on accident by having a digital camera set on "night mode." This lengthens the exposure time, keeping the shuter open longer to see better in darkness, but possibly allows more time for a living human being to walk in front of the camera and appear in the photograph. If this happens, the person may appear "see-through." Of course, photographers have been staging photographs using lengthened or double-exposure techniques to create special effects, including ghosts, since the mid-1800s.

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