Cursed Ghosts! Can Ghosts Bring About Curses?

James Dean and his Porsche Spyder. Was it cursed?A new article hit the Angels & Ghosts website, today: Ghost Curses.

We wanted to explore the idea of curses and ghost behavior. In other words, what can ghosts do behind the scenes to influence the lives of people living on earth? Can they bring about revenge? We look at a few famous examples as well as lend some thought behind the idea of the “ghost curse,” basing the info upon what we have learned about spirit behavior over the years.

On a side note, Understanding Darkness and Light is an old article that has been updated. It explores the idea that the condition of a person’s soul stays with them through death and can be seen, visibly, as either dark or light.

Understanding Demons in Biblical Passages

Have you ever read the Bible and had the crap scared out of you when reading about the devil, demons, hell, etc? Why is the Bible so scary?

The answer lies in the fact that we take what we are reading in the Good Book as ipso facto – literally. If you are religious, then, you also might be putting a lot of credence in Biblical passages, meaning you believe that God wrote them. If you are doing either of these two things, you are going to view the scriptures from a place of fear.

The Bible was written by various authors, but most of it was not written to be understood in literal fashion. Much of the stories are parables – they have hidden meaning that cannot be understood they way we understand books we read, today. Thousands of years ago, people understood that a good story with a greater meaning behind it was an awesome teaching tool that would cause people to mull over the core ideals. When we read about demons, devils and hell, the idea is no different: they are parables that explain a hidden truth about you and about me.

If you would like to learn more about demons found in the Bible as well as learn about the hidden meaning behind demons, the Devil, Satan, etc., then read Demons in the Bible.

New Updates to Angels & Ghosts!

Have questions about ghosts? So do we! And our Ghost Questions information page has just gotten larger with more answers.

For starters, we take a look at questions regarding ghosts and OBEs, such as, “What can we learn from the out of body experience as compared to what lost spirits must face after debarking into the after-world?” Check out Out of Body Experiences & Ghosts for our thoughts.

Ever wonder if ill-intended spirits have the ability to attack or abuse people? There is a lot of legend and myth about demons who take on a human form in order to breed with men and women. We see it a bit differently, so learn more about Hypnagogia, Incubus and Succubus on our page about Sexually Perverse Ghosts.

We’ve also improved our pages that uncover the meanings behind entity names. Check out our updated lists of Demon Names, Devil Names, Fallen Angel Names and Angel Names! You’ll be able to compare similarities as well as learn a little bit about each label given to these legendary entities. Are they real? We prefer to see them more as types that show us more about ourselves, but you’ll have to do some studying to “get” what we mean. Enjoy!

Basic Ghost Questions

We just completed adding onto our Ghost Information section, entitled Ghosts 101. We’ve redone our How to Tell if You Have a Ghost page with more helpful answers to questions about ghosts. And, we’ve also included two new pages entitled What to Do with a Ghost? and What Does a Ghost Look Like?

Psychic Reading By Tarot Cards, Horses & Ghost Pictures Library!

This summer, my family and I are taking a short vacation at Ocean City, Maryland. Its a crazy place, I’ve found out, with beach combers, sun lovers, boardwalk explorers and the like. I would call it a fun place to take the kids. While here, we also plan on visiting Assateague Island, a barrier island, that has wild horses living on it since the 16oos.

While on vacation, I was also able to finally complete the newly organized Ghost Pictures Library that is cleaned up, organized and categorized to make it much easier to find some of the best ghost photos from within the thousands of photograph pages, different examples of ghost manifestations, famous, real, false pics, and even a few fakes. I really wanted it to be a resource for learning and exploration for everyone – hope you like it.

Yesterday morning, I was asked to visit a psychic with my wife. I obliged – it was very interesting.

I must admit that I was pleasantly enlightened by the accuracy (as far as him describing my wife and our lives fairly accurately) of the fortune teller. Be sure and read about our tarot card reading experience. I think you might like it. – Louis