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Today, we are pleased to announce that we have begun building a section of ghost, spirit, and angel pictures, stories and information translated into Spanish for those who speak Espanol. In the future, more articles about ghosts and spirits will be posted for our Hispanic visitors of

See the new page now: Angeles y Fantasmas!

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Angels & Ghosts Newsletter – January 2011


January 2011 Angels & Ghosts News & Updates!

by Louis Charles

Happy New Year!
This is an exciting year. Already this month, I have felt something move within spirit. New direction and new things are coming for this year, and I am excited to embark upon new adventures!

What’s Coming…New Book
After releasing the book, Helping Ghosts in 2010, I felt I would not do another book project. I just didn’t feel I had it in me. Recently, I was given a new book concept to work on. It is something that will take some time to research. I want to give readers a vision — a 30,000 foot view of life, let’s say. Ghosts are a part of this journey but so are angels, the full cycle of the human life, the eternal spirit, etc. There is much to say but now is not the time. When the ‘PR’ book is completed, I hope to be able to explain the human life cycle from a spiritual perspective. There is no end; there is no beginning. It will complete the vision behind the Angels & Ghosts website.

This year, I also plan on releasing a CD of ghost voices that I recorded. Some of these EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) were referenced in the book, Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits. Before this happens, I plan on possibly offering a free audio book excerpt complete with ghost and spirit voices. Stay tuned.

New Facebook Page
This year I will also seek to expand our Facebook audience with an Angels & Ghosts Facebook page. When complete, it will become more interactive and replace our forum. You can get involved now by “liking” its page: Angels & Ghosts Facebook Page


Moundsville Shadow Man

A real ghost picture? Find out…

Moundsville Shadow Man Investigation

Last month I mentioned in my newsletter that many ghost investigators believe the famous Moundsville Shadow Man photograph is not credible evidence because they saw it “debunked” by SyFy’s Ghost Hunters several years ago.

We get to the truth in our debunk of the TAPS debunk: Moundsville Shadow Man.

The Black Eyed Kids Mystery

Who are these kids?

What the heck are black-eyed kids? Who are these children and why are the sightings of them increasing?

This month, we take a look at the mysterious children with black eyes, offering the opinions of others as well as our own ideas. If you have not heard of this phenomenon, we warn you that some of the stories about these children are quite creepy!

Explore: Black-Eyed Kids


Angel Voices: Digging Deeper Into Angel Beliefs

Are we hearing angel voices?

What are angels? Today, many people uphold traditional teachings about benevolent spirits not realizing that some of these traditions might not be as old as one might think.

In our article, Angel Voices, we examine some newer ideas and couple them with a much older teaching of Jesus. Do they line up? You decide…


Various 2011 Psychic Predictions

What might be in store?

We compiled a list of various psychic predictions from several sources for 2011. It’s interesting to take a look at them each year. What more can we say?

2011 Psychic Predictions


Links to Angels, Ghosts & Spirits!

We are always adding more pages about ghosts and spirits!

The following are new pages of photos for January ’11:

Photos of Ghosts (New Ghost Pictures!)

Spiritual Pictures (New angel and spiritual pictures we have collected.)

The following are new stories for January ’11:

Black Eyed Kid Ghost Story

Angel in Her Kitchen Story

Page of new ghost videos for January ’11:
Real Ghost Clips

For more spirited pages to explore, visit:

Ghost Stories

Angel Stories

Ghost Videos

Ghost Pictures

Angel Pictures


Inexpensive Full Spectrum Cameras See in the Dark!

Fringe Tech Ghost Hunting Store

You will find some unique ghost investigation items here, such as ghost boxes, IR flashlights, Laser Grid lights, and Full Spectrum cameras.

Our IR-converted cameras are a hit! Why? They are low-cost and people are getting results. We have received numerous photos from users who have captured shadows, weird energy anomalies, and light balls and bars without the aid of a flash unit! The cameras can also see what the human can see, plus beyond our range of vision!

To learn more, check out these pages:

Ghost Hunting Cameras

Full Spectrum Camera

Full Spectrum Camera Ghost Pictures


Understand Ghost Behavior…

Learn about the other side…

Pick up a copy of Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits and understand why ghosts do the things they do.

Ghosts have mystified the human experience for thousands of years. This does not mean, however, that we cannot come to an understanding about the behavior of human spirits.

Buy a copy from Amazon!

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Read a review from someone who is not a ghost investigator

Read the Amazon reviews!

Happy Holidays and Have a Great New Year!

Louis Charles, Publisher

Angels & Ghosts

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Darkness Radio – Helping Ghosts Interview, January 5th 2011

Louis Charles, author of Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits, will be joining hosts Dave Schrader and Mallie Fox of the popular paranormal radio program The Darkness on the Edge of Town to discuss ghosts and how we can help them. Tune-in tonight, January 5th at 11:00 PM CST (12:00 AM EST) to listen to this exciting broadcast.

For years, Louis struggled with religious fears, fear of dying, hell, etc. After what he calls an “awakening,” Louis began hearing a voice deep within him about spirits and the other side of the grave. You can expect that Louis will answer Dave’s thought-provoking questions about this awakening experience and why ghosts remain behind with the living instead of moving forward into the light. Louis feels there needs to be a movement in the paranormal community to solve cases of haunting by helping ghosts. Tonight, learn a bit about how we can do this!

Listen to the radio interview by way of the Internet at:

*For more about the book, Helping Ghosts, visit:

**You may purchase the book directly at: Amazon – Helping Ghosts Book.

Ghosts & Spirits: New Book By Psychic-Medium Rob Gutro

Have you ever wondered how we can tune-in to the other side of the grave or why people who have died want to bother with the living?

Rob Gutro, author of Ghost and Spirits: Insights From a Medium, takes his readers on a personal journey of discovery, sharing his own experiences with ghosts and spirits. By taking us on a tour of haunted sites, revealing his own accounts of family haunting, and telling story after story of how deceased people attempt to grasp our attention, Rob’s work encourages us to re-examine what many of us have written off to mere coincidence: People in spirit are very near and communicate with us regularly.

Rob truly knows the power and importance of love and forgiveness — all lessons we can take away from his book. I know you’ll be encouraged by Ghosts and Spirits, and I highly recommend it!

Side Note: What amazed me most about Ghosts and Spirits is that Rob and I have had many similar spiritual experiences. Our perspectives about people in spirit come from a place of compassion. The first several chapters of his book were like reading parts of my own book. Amazingly, neither of us had any idea of the other person or how similar our book projects were. Like me, Rob took meticulous notes through journaling his experiences. Then, Rob put together the stories, making connections that truly reveal how we can become aware of others with us in spirit. He paints a wonderful portrait!

– Louis Charles
Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits