Dogs, Animals and Ghosts…

September 2015

Recently, my family and I lost our dog to cancer. Needless to say, it’s been a sad month for us.

In honor of ‘Schatzie,’ we will be looking at dogs, animals and spirits.  – Louis

Are Animals with Us in Spirit?
animals-in-the-afterlife-122013zzIs there proof that our pets and animals live beyond death of the body?

Eyewitness accounts of animal ghosts seem to validate the idea that our furry friends exist in spirit.

Read: Animals in the Afterlife

Can Cats Sense Spirits?
can-cats-see-ghosts-012014zzFelines have long been thought to have a deep awareness of the invisible realm.

We share our thoughts about ghosts, spirits and cats’ seeming ability to sense spirits.

Read: Can Cats See Ghosts?

Account of a Dog Sensing Ghosts
dog-animal-ghost-story-032014zz1215Most pet owners have noticed that dogs, like cats, also seem to tune-in to things unseen.

Imagine if your home was haunted. How might Fido behave?

Read: Dog Senses Ghosts Story

MORE on Animals and Ghosts
Photos, stories and articles about animals and the spirit world…

Dog Sensing Spirits
3 photos of a canine and an orb. Is it spirit proof?
Can Dogs See Ghosts?
We speculate on dogs and their eyesight.
Ghost Dog Photo
We re-share this old favorite canine spirit picture!
Dog Ghost Story
A girl sees the glowing form of her pet dog.
Animal Ghost Story
Woman sees the ghost of her deceased dog…
Animal Ghosts
Read up on the ghosts of animals.

Angels of Mons, Ghosts of Folklore, Spirits, Mass & Energy

April 2015

The Mons Warriors of World War I
Did angelic warriors aid Allied troups?

angel of mons story
Did angels help Allied Troups during World War I?

Reports from soldiers on both sides of the lines at the Battle of Mons in Belgium claimed to see visions of a heavenly horseman accompanied with an army of angels. Did divine help really happen during World War I?

Read the Angels of Mons Story

Over 100 Ghosts Found in Folklore

ghosts in myth, lore and folklore
Ghosts are found the world over in many cultures. Here are some notorious specters.

Ghosts are found in numerous cultures.

We’ve done some digging into all sorts of myth and lore to put together a list of legendary ghosts and spirits dispersed within an array of differing cultures.

Maybe you’ve heard of some of these…
Types of Ghosts in Folklore

Ghosts, Spirits, Mass and Energy
What is the soul made of?

ghosts, energy, spirits
Perhaps, science has just not caught up to ghosts and spirits, yet.

Could ghosts and spirits be made up of a yet-to-be discovered energy?

Einstein might have been onto something other than time travel when he revealed his famous equation, E=MC2. And, just because we do not yet understand what ghosts are made of does not mean spirits couldn’t be made up of an energy beyond current, scientific detection. After all, form is energy.

Ghosts: Undiscovered Energy Theory

Now, That’s the Spirit!
(Angel, ghost and spirit stories, photos and articles…)

Haunted Australia Prison Guard Ghost
Best ghost photo you’ll see this month…
New Bell Inn Ghost Picture
Old woman behind some men in a pub.
Haunted Beck House Short Story
Local lore may hold some ghostly truth…
Human Face in Orb?
This ball of light looks like it has a man in it.
Night Hike Spirit Photo
Did someone unseen keep him from the edge?
Celestial Being Photograph?
Cool figure over a creek is a head scratcher.
Hotel Room Ghost VIDEO
Sort of a strange light appears in the clip…
You are not your thoughts. Where are you?
Baby Spirit Photo
Something floats above a baby’s head. Spirit?
Adoration Chapel Angel Photo
We don’t know how we missed this one…
Catfish Plantation Ghost Pic?
Real apparition in the Cajun restaurant or not?

Holiday Ghost Giveaway 2014!

ghosts-roger-clarke-book-review-122014Our 2014 Holiday contest is alive and kicking!

Enter for a chance to win a copy of Roger Clarke’s latest book, Ghosts: A Natural History: 500 Years of Searching for Proof!

Get your entry to us by the end of December, 2014. We will announce our winners in January 2015, and the publisher of the book will ship out 3 copies to those we have selected.

It’s easy to enter, but you will need a great idea or indisputable evidence of ghosts or spirits to win. Visit our Holiday Ghosts Giveaway details page to learn more.

Ghosts & Spirit Studies: July 2014 Newsletter

Author, Louis CharlesWe’re blending old and new this month: old in that we are sharing some history of ghost and spirit studies. The past should be understood and not discarded or forgotten.

For something new, I’ve brought back with me some local ghostly lore from the Outer Banks. And for fun, we’ve added our new rate-a-photo widget to all of our picture and video galleries. Give it a try!
– Louis

Ghost History ArticlesHistory and Ghost Investigation
Let’s not forget the past. We wanted to look back at history to see what we could learn about the mystery of ghosts. Here are but a few articles and stories to consider…

Blog Post: History is Missing with Today’s Ghost Hunters
Article: Capturing Ghosts on Film
Story: First Documented Ghost in the United States
Story: Florida Poltergeist of 1967

Rate a Photo or VideoNew! Rate-a-Photo or Video
Rate a pic or video to see the voting results! It’s finally here! We’ve added a custom “rate-a-photo widget” to our picture and video galleries, site-wide. Now, you can vote, see the results, and share it on social media! Why not give it a try by rating some 2013-2014 Ghost Pictures?


ghosts-haunting-outer-banks-north-carolina-72014zzOuter Banks: Haunted?
Tales of pirates, phantoms and hoodoos. We were surprised to find quite a few tales of haunting in and near North Carolina’s barrier islands. So, we made our basecamp at Roanoke Island and went exploring.

Article: Outer Banks Ghosts & Haunting


Scottish GhostParanormal Visuals & Perusals
More spirits & ghosts to read and see!

St Mary in the Castle Ghost? Is that a giant face in the mist?
What is a Banshee? The eerie lore behind this phantom tale…
Alcatraz Ghost Woman Prison ghost pic haunts the web recently!
Currituck Beach Light We explore the northern OBX haunt…
Can Ghosts Produce Snow? A mysterious snowstorm is witnessed inside a home!
Ghosts of the Whitehouse Historic spirit experiences in the Presidents residence…
Smithsonian Museum Ghost Update! A second pic of a man’s face near General Sheridan’s horse…
German Cemetery Ghost? A foto of a soldier spectre goes viral…and may be a fake!
What is an Apport? Old school ghost hunting term has application today.
Taxi Crash Angel Rescue A woman is pulled from a deadly cab and healed…
Can Ghost Photos Be Art? Blog post about photographic fakery of the supernatural…
Pengwern Arms Ghost Girl Did someone with Gwynned Paranormal snapshot a girl’s spirit?
Seeing Shadows She recalls seeing a shadow person stare her down…

Ghosts and Inspiration from Art

capturing-ghosts-film-72014drHave you ever wondered what the first, real ghost picture might have been? What about the first “faux” ghost photograph: when did it first occur to someone that they could fool humanity into believing the false?

But was it really fooling people or, perhaps, actually “inspiring” us to consider the supernatural?

Something (Capturing Ghosts on Film) great for us to contemplate was put forth by writer Robert Irving over a decade ago as a magazine article for Fortean Times, and I think Irving’s thoughts are still very relevant, even in light of today’s far-flung chicanery — the onslaught of false ghost and spirit photos we see being shared, daily, thanks to the smartphone apps that help to create the odd and eerie “phantasmal” imagery. I can sum up Irving’s idea as this: we are mesmerized by the metaphysical.

Mankind has certainly been inspired by media — first artistic renderings, statues, paintings and the like — and in modern times, photography and videography have been added to our art forms, allowing us to “conceive” glimpses into the afterlife, or at least what many of us might choose to believe is a depiction of what could await us at the end of our earthly lives.

In retrospect, I am beginning to wonder if we should continue to hold disdain for the faked photographs polluting the web. Could it be wiser to simply give in and share them with others? Of course, I hate the idea of contaminating possible real evidence with the false; but it seems even the real thing is discounted, anyway, even after laying out the best case possible for each ghostly experience.

Are we better off to share something that may spark an interest or, at least, a consideration of the paranormal? Sometimes, I think so. It could just be a new form of art.

Our Latest Newsletter on Ghosts, Angels & Spirits: June, 2014


If you are not on our mailing list for our monthly newsletter, then you’ll want to check out our latest release for June 2014, online: Ghosts, Spirits and Reincarnation.

For June, we’ve added over 20 pages of new content to the Angels & Ghosts website — from ghost, angel and spirit photos to informative articles about types of ghosts and even reincarnation!

Much more great stuff to come…  – Louis

Unseen Family Are With Us in Spirit

Spirits With Us Always
Spirits With Us Always

Loved Ones Are With You – Change Your Beliefs
During the holidays, many people become saddened by memories of family and friends who have passed before them. It can be a very somber time if we lock our minds into the idea of loss, grief and separation from people we love.

At Angels & Ghosts, we encourage readers that our loved ones are indeed with us. Just because you do not see them or hear them does not mean that death has to be an impenetrable wall, separating us from those whom we cherish. Instead, this time of year, begin by changing your thinking – believe that family and friends are with us in spirit. Imagine them taking part in the festivities and not missing out on the events in our lives.

We could talk at length about scriptures in the Bible, even words that Jesus had purportedly uttered, that reveal that people are not dead when their bodies expire; that humanity is much bigger than meets the eye. In fact, Jesus, we read, refused to call anyone “dead” who had physically passed. He said they were “sleeping.” And if we look into the epistles, this scripture is very encouraging:

We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.” – Hebrews 12:1

And that verse mirrors what we have found in the evidence we have been collecting for 10 years: All of us are surrounded by people in spirit! We become more and more convinced of this each year, remaining awed by the different ways spirits make their presence known to us.

Family Are With Us During the Holiday
All Family Are With Us During the Holidays!

Nicolas McCabe Makes His Presence Known to Family
Nic McCabe died in a tornado that destroyed an elementary school in Oklahoma. Because his family was suffering the loss of their son, we believe Nic has been remaining with them to watch over their lives and bring comfort – he’s worried about them. (And, who wouldn’t worry about loved ones who are grieving?) Unwittingly, his essence was photographed, proving to family, who had suspected he was there by their sides, that he was indeed HERE – not some place far away; but he is with them here, now. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the photo “Family Spirits With Us.”

To some religious institutions, that may seem impossible. But remember that it is possible that some religious beliefs are incorrect – especially those that are based upon fear and separation. (And some religious ideas are flat out wrong. They have to be; otherwise, there wouldn’t be differing beliefs. I mean someone has got to be wrong!)

We have found that there is no separation except for the person who chooses to believe in it. But, deny the idea of all of humanity being separate, and your view of the world will begin to change.

Happy Holidays,


Genie Bottles, Eclipses, Ghosts & Spirits!

Spring is Early – Time for New Stuff

Louis Charles

March 2012

It’s a great month, and we have some interesting stories, videos and photos to share with you. Before that, allow me to give you a couple of quick updates.

Facebook – We have updated the Angels & Ghosts Facebook page to the new Timeline look with daily postings of news about ghosts and spirits. If you haven’t Liked the page, you can do so, here: Angels & Ghosts Facebook

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Full Spectrum Camcorders – We have been developing new ghost investigation camcorders: a full spectrum camcorder and full spectrum helmet cam! These devices can see what we see and more! Check them out at the Full Spectrum Camcorder

Eclipses Alert – We wanted to give you advance warning of a crazy, upcoming phenomenon involving eclipses and maybe a spiritual significance: 2014-2015 Eclipses Align with Jewish Holy Days

Tuesday, March 27th at 8:00 PM EST, I will be talking ghosts on the radio program, Spirits Among Us, on ParaMania Radio. Join us for our spirited discussion!

Genie Bottles…Ghosts?

Did Genie Bottles Hold Ghosts?

The idea of genies and some of their lore could be associated with ghosts and their behavior. Are ghosts and genies related? This article is a continuance of our previous article, Ghosts in a Bottle.

This month, we briefly explore the origin of the word genie and beliefs in jinni – spirits. Read: Jinni, Genies, Bottles & Lamps

New Ghost Photos…

Ghost Man on Pier?

Some great ghost pictures were added this month, from a ghost on a pier, to a shadow ghost photographed inside the infamous Pirate House Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia!

Check out our ever growing collection of Ghost Pictures.

Spirit Photo?

Is that a man’s face?

Recently, we received what may be the photo of a family member in spirit, taken as a funeral was coming to conclusion.

Examine this photograph closely, and you just may see the image of a man’s face. Is it a spirit or just an incredible combination of sunlight and background?

Take a look and decide for yourself: Family Angel Picture

More Ghost Videos

Compilation of GH’ Reveals

This month’s collection of 11 ghost videos focuses on some of the better ghost evidence captured by SyFy’s Ghost Hunters as well as some interesting anomalies and stories. Don’t miss the following ghost videos:

Conference Room Ghost

College Ghost Story

For a good chuckle, watch Funny Ghost Hunters Clips!

More Angels, Ghosts and Spirits to Enjoy!

We are always adding more pages about ghosts and spirits!

Feel free to search through thousands of pages of information about ghosts and spirits! Below are links to some major sections of the Angels & Ghosts website:

More Ghost Videos

2012 Ghost Pictures Collection

2012 Angel Pictures Collection

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Fringe Technology Store: Need a Ghost Box?

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Full Spectrum Camera

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Best wishes,

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author

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Leap Into Ghosts & Spirits! February 2012

Leap into Ghosts & Spirits!

Louis Charles

February 2012

This Thursday, February 23rd, I will be chatting with Amy Fortney of Fox Cities Paranormal Radio to talk about ghosts – especially the idea of how we can help them instead of hunt them. Join us for the discussion on LiveParanormal or on their channel found on BlogTalk Radio.

This month, I’m excited to share some new ghost and angel pictures, new ghost videos, and an interesting article that explores the phenomenon of faces found within orbs.

Faces Inside Orbs?

Man in Orb

Not only do we examine photos of orbs that appear to have faces, heads or human attributes, we explore the idea of orbs in general. Are any orbs real? If so, what might they be made of? You may be surprised by what you read about this controversial matter. Read: Orb Faces

New Ghost Pictures Added…

Lee Harvey in Window?

We’ve added some very cool ghost photos this month. One ghost picture was taken outside the window of the old book depository – the same window from where Lee Harvey Oswald is said to have shot JFK! Do you see a man crouching there?

Check out our ever growing collection of Ghost Pictures.

Stunning Angel Picture!

Baby & Her Angel?

A grandmother had made her presence known many times after her death, but it was near impossible to prove to others that she was watching over the family. Then, an important moment in time was recorded with a camera. One of three photos taken in succession had an anomaly on it. Did Teri capture the spirit of ‘gramma’ with her and their newborn baby? Look closely, and you just might see the matriarch in the background observing: Baby Angel Picture

Ghost Videos of Interest

Chicopee Paranormal EVP

This month’s collection of 11 ghost videos focuses on Hollywood ghost stories and some interesting captures of apparitions (and more). Don’t miss the following ghost videos:

Girl Apparition Video

Hollywood Apparition Ghost Video

And for laughs? See Funny Girl Ghost and Funky Bess!

More Angels, Ghosts & Spirits to Enjoy!

We are always adding more pages about ghosts and spirits!

Feel free to search through thousands of pages of information about ghosts and spirits! Below are links to some major sections of the Angels & Ghosts website:

Ghost Stories

Angel Stories

Ghost Videos

Ghost Pictures

Angel Pictures

Espanol Angeles y Fantasmas!

More Shortcuts to Spirits:

Ghost Pictures Collection

Angel Pictures Collection

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Fringe Technology Store

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Fringe Technology Store

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Ghosts! 2012 Ghost News!

Happy New Year! Ghosts & More Ghosts…

Ghostly mist…

January 2012

Is 2012 really here? With all the Mayan prophecy stuff, we feel this year is shaping up to be fantastic and without any doom or gloom!

To kick things off, we want to share our list of this year’s ghost conferences as well as a compilation of interesting 2012 psychic predictions. We also have some intriguing ghost articles, compelling EVPs of child voices, and phenomenal ghost photographs to share!

2012 Ghost Conferences

Meet & Talk Ghosts!

Each year, there are dozens of ghost conferences to attend across the globe. We have compiled some of the better ones for your quick disposal, here: Ghost Conferences!

2012 Psychic Predictions!

2012 Psychic Predictions…

Whoa! What does 2012 hold in store for the world? We found and listed some pretty interesting psychic predictions for the new year. What will happen around the globe? Who will be President? Any shocking news coming from Hollywood? What about the economy? Some of the prognostications may amaze you. Visit: Psychic Predictions for 2012!

Native Americans: Ghosts & Spirits

American Indians & Ghosts…

Do Native American beliefs allow for ghosts and spirits?

You may be surprised as you read some quotes we sourced from famous, wise American Indian leaders: chiefs, medicine men and poets. We found ideas about the spirit realm, spirit visitation and more.

Learn about these spiritual people at Native Americans: Ghosts & Spirits

Villisca Ax Murder House Ghosts…

Two of the 6 children…

Ever wonder if children can be ghosts? The Villisca Ax Murder House is possibly still haunted by the ghosts of victims from almost 100 years ago. Six children lost their lives, then, and we may have the recordings of their voices. Who will help them?

Read about and listen to the

Villisca Ax Murder House: Child Voices

New Ghost Pictures Added!

Birdcage Theatre Ghost?

Ghost Pictures? You decide…

Take a look at these newly added ghost & spirit pictures:

Tombstone Birdcage Theatre Ghost

Facial Apparition Ghost Picture

Haunting Mists Ghost Pictures

New Mexico Office Ghost

Red Man Ghost Picture

More Angels, Ghosts & Spirits to Enjoy!

We are always adding more pages about ghosts and spirits!

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Ghost Stories

Angel Stories

Ghost Videos

Ghost Pictures

Angel Pictures

Espanol Angeles y Fantasmas!

More Shortcuts to Spirits:

Ghost Pictures Collection

Angel Pictures Collection

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Best wishes to you this year,

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author

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