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April 2015

The Mons Warriors of World War I
Did angelic warriors aid Allied troups?

angel of mons story
Did angels help Allied Troups during World War I?

Reports from soldiers on both sides of the lines at the Battle of Mons in Belgium claimed to see visions of a heavenly horseman accompanied with an army of angels. Did divine help really happen during World War I?

Read the Angels of Mons Story

Over 100 Ghosts Found in Folklore

ghosts in myth, lore and folklore
Ghosts are found the world over in many cultures. Here are some notorious specters.

Ghosts are found in numerous cultures.

We’ve done some digging into all sorts of myth and lore to put together a list of legendary ghosts and spirits dispersed within an array of differing cultures.

Maybe you’ve heard of some of these…
Types of Ghosts in Folklore

Ghosts, Spirits, Mass and Energy
What is the soul made of?

ghosts, energy, spirits
Perhaps, science has just not caught up to ghosts and spirits, yet.

Could ghosts and spirits be made up of a yet-to-be discovered energy?

Einstein might have been onto something other than time travel when he revealed his famous equation, E=MC2. And, just because we do not yet understand what ghosts are made of does not mean spirits couldn’t be made up of an energy beyond current, scientific detection. After all, form is energy.

Ghosts: Undiscovered Energy Theory

Now, That’s the Spirit!
(Angel, ghost and spirit stories, photos and articles…)

Haunted Australia Prison Guard Ghost
Best ghost photo you’ll see this month…
New Bell Inn Ghost Picture
Old woman behind some men in a pub.
Haunted Beck House Short Story
Local lore may hold some ghostly truth…
Human Face in Orb?
This ball of light looks like it has a man in it.
Night Hike Spirit Photo
Did someone unseen keep him from the edge?
Celestial Being Photograph?
Cool figure over a creek is a head scratcher.
Hotel Room Ghost VIDEO
Sort of a strange light appears in the clip…
You are not your thoughts. Where are you?
Baby Spirit Photo
Something floats above a baby’s head. Spirit?
Adoration Chapel Angel Photo
We don’t know how we missed this one…
Catfish Plantation Ghost Pic?
Real apparition in the Cajun restaurant or not?

Angels & Ghosts News: Haunting Help

March 2015

This month, we are focusing on helping those with haunting. Enjoy our articles, downloads and more!  – Louis

buy-digital-download-of-helping-ghosts-book-2015vHow to Resolve a Haunt

Have a haunting? Is it time to learn how to bring it to a close?
We are now offering a $4.99 PDF download of our book, ‘Helping Ghosts’.

Learn why ghosts haunt and how you can urge them to move on, bringing both the haunted and the haunter (the ghost) some much needed peace!

Angels & Ghosts ‘Theme Song’ – Free Download

angels-ghosts-theme-song-download-mp3-2015zz2We just had to do it. It’s now an MP3.

10 years ago, we had sourced a haunting melody that visitors to Angels & Ghosts could listen to – and some still ask for it.

Get the free MP3 download of the former Angels & Ghosts Theme Song.

answers-to-questions-about-ghosts-2015zz64 Questions & Answers About Ghosts

People ask us a lot of questions about ghosts. It’s either to confront their fears or to gain understanding of a haunt.

So, we’ve put together 64 Questions & Answers About Ghosts to help shed light on some of the most common queries people ask about haunting.

Some compelling stories, photos and articles…

Incorporeal Being Photograph?
You’ll have to examine this UK photo to see her.
Sachs Bridge Ghost Photo
Spirit Stalkers of Ohio’ classic pic has Social Media buzz.
Harry Price Lab and Library Clip
Vintage video of the famous ghost investigator…
White Sheet Ghost Picture
Odd, sheet-like whisp of spirit. Is it a ghost?
Yanchep Perth Fire Angel
Cool form in a hot place. Spirit or coincidence?
Signs a House May Be Haunted
Crawling Shadow Form
Real ghost story of a ghost kid…
Inspirational Cloud Angel Form
Faces can be all around us if want to see them.
Can Dogs See Ghosts?
Our canine friends may be very aware.

Holiday Ghost Giveaway 2014!

ghosts-roger-clarke-book-review-122014Our 2014 Holiday contest is alive and kicking!

Enter for a chance to win a copy of Roger Clarke’s latest book, Ghosts: A Natural History: 500 Years of Searching for Proof!

Get your entry to us by the end of December, 2014. We will announce our winners in January 2015, and the publisher of the book will ship out 3 copies to those we have selected.

It’s easy to enter, but you will need a great idea or indisputable evidence of ghosts or spirits to win. Visit our Holiday Ghosts Giveaway details page to learn more.

Scratched by a Ghost

scratched-by-a-ghost-082014Over the years of publishing information about interactions with spirits and ghosts, we have heard about attacks from ghosts — things like being touched, pinched, pushed or scratched. And some of it has happened to us, personally, or to our friends who investigate cases of haunting.

While this subject can be frightening stuff, we feel it necessary to let people know it is not the norm. Ghost attacks do happen, but attacks from people WITH bodies also occur. If ghosts are people, and we believe they are, why would we expect behavior of human spirits to be any different than those of us who walk the Earth in bodies, seriously?

There’s an old saying: “Wherever you go, there you are.” 

We can’t run from our problems and, so it would seem, that dying does not instantly cure our mistaken thinking, latent fears, or patterned (poor) behavior. So, I guess the point I am attempting to make is that some ghosts certainly behave evilly; that makes sense to me. But most ghosts do not behave like devils.

Ghost Scratches: Say What?
Of the different ghost stories we hear about, the oddest might concern accounts of “ghost scratches” when you think about it (and we hear a lot of strange stuff). If you have not been scratched by a ghost or heard about it before, allow me to explain. The victim of a ghost scratching attack will describe first feeling a burning sensation on either their face, limbs or torso, seemingly coming from out of nowhere. Then, red marks will typically appear on the surface of the skin. (For an example of this, read about the Hanover, PA Haunting where scratching and pinching are said to be common occurrences.)

Ghost Scratches: Questions
Because paranormal scratching  is odd, I cannot help but have a hundred questions about such attacks. What would cause someone to want to scratch another (OK, let’s say to deter); and if this phenomenon is truly a ghost scratching another person, then why this method of attack? Is it easier for ghosts to pull off scratching people (because of no body) than, say, punching someone in the face? Why or how do the scratches burn? How do some ghosts learn to do this — is there a learning curve? I’ll stop there.

In my book, Helping Ghosts, we investigated several cases that involved nasty ghost behavior, and I was fortunate not to encounter an attack though we did face down some menacing spirits in our attempt to end the haunts and help the lost spirits (and homeowners). And some of our fellow investigators did experience attacks.

All of this has simply led me to believe that there is so much we do not yet understand about ghosts, why these spirits behave certain ways, and our interpretation of that behavior. The best we can do as investigators of the unknown is to keep an open mind, try not to make assumptions, and remain wise but fearless.  – Louis

Ghost Picture Alert!


We just received a second photo taken at the Smithsonian’s American History Museum that validates a ghost picture we had posted a few years ago.

Taken one year apart by two different photographers who do not know one another, a similar-looking ghostly head has appeared at the display case of the horse, “Winchester.” Though we have considered the phenomenon to be the product of similar lights shining on the case, or something of that nature, what is compelling is that the most recent ghost photograph has a more well defined nose and mouth when compared to the other photo. This would lead us to believe that, though similar, the face has been photographed at different phases of its manifestation.

You can see both photos of the ghost face, here: Smithsonian Ghost.

History is Missing with Today’s Ghost Hunters

ghost-investigator-harry-price-20145Over the past ten years, I’ve observed the rise of ghost hunting on television and the paranormal craze it has stirred up. There’s been a lot of good come out of this. Recent advances in experimental “ghost hunting” technology could help us better detect ghosts or even communicate with them.

Not All Is Lost
But, there has been some not-so-good stuff appear on the scene, too, such as people wanting to become famous on TV, the faking of evidence (at least by some producers), and an ignorance toward the past. I, myself, am guilty of the latter and desire to chase down prior work done by early ghost investigators.

One such story I stumbled upon is worthy of researching: the ghost of Nelly Butler. Making her appearance over 200 years ago, the depths at which she went to confirm the existence of the human spirit after the body perishes is astounding. I say astounding because this ghost was confirmed, validated by those who investigated and tried to denounce the haunting at the time. (Read, The First Documented Ghost in the United States.)

History Is Something Ghost Investigators Need to Embrace
What I have come to realize is that we have numerous cases of studies and sightings that are important but seem forgotten because they are not modern day. I wonder if we look at some of the older witnesses and explorers of haunting as antiquated or even “loony.” If so, it is a shame, and I think we are remiss not to uncover what they wrote, what they explored. It was written for us, today. We are their future generations who they wished to communicate their stories to. It’s up to us whether or not to take their word as credible; but to do so, we need to at least consider them to be fellow researchers of the paranormal.

By studying the ideas and findings of our predecessors, I suspect we just may find that some of our beliefs are not new; and I think we will enhance our understanding of ghosts and spirits. Might we become inspired by their journeys, as well? I know I am.
– Louis 

What Does a Ghost “Feel” Like?

whaley-house-ghost-experience-052014zzWhat do ghosts feel like?

This may seem like an odd question, but I think it is a good one to consider. For, at times, it is possible that when we encounter haunting we might not be aware of its effect on us.

Many of us have heard, or even experienced, that when we encounter “spirit” a tingling sensation or goosebumps may arise for some people. I believe this to be true for many of us. After having had my own encounters over the years, dating back to the 1990s, I began recognizing when I am within a “presence,” at times. I have felt this in my own home, when attending certain churches (in the past), and while attempting to communicate with ghosts at haunted locations. So I am trying to say that there has been a wide variety of places and experiences that seem similar to me  (as it relates to feeling “an unseen presence”).

Others, though, have had deeper experiences with ghosts, having felt dazed or out of it after encountering what they can only believe to be a ghost attack. Now using the word “attack” seems harsh, to me, because who knows what really happened. Perhaps the ghost didn’t have intentions of attacking another person at all. So let’s be careful about labeling such experiences as attacks, demonic, evil, nasty, etc. Let’s agree to call these feelings that we do not fully understand as “odd.”

Kathryn Johnson had such an experience when entering the door of a notedly haunted place in San Diego – the Whaley House. She didn’t expect to feel the way she did, and I do not believe she felt she was attacked. Her suspicion is that, maybe, a ghost passed through her (see Whaley House Ghost Experience). And why couldn’t that be the case? After all, it might be good fun for a spirit to make their essence known by walking through or near a person. I would want to try it if disembodied, I think!

This idea of another’s spirit mixing with our own does seem parallel to accounts we hear of ghost possession (or “attachment”). People who have suffered such encounters struggle to be in control of their body and mind, seeming foggy or pushed back out of the way. Quite frightening to hear about but a phenomenon that has been known about for thousands of years.

This subject is definitely something to ponder: the influence of ghosts, invisible, upon the living. How might they affect us if interacting with us? Something to consider…yes, indeed.

– Louis

Mesmerized by the Hotel Del Coronado

hotel-del-coronado-212I had the luxury afforded me of being asked to travel to San Diego on business. My travel and room at the Hotel Del was paid for; so all I had to do was show up. And I did. After all, I had learned of this hotel’s spooky, Victorian past many years ago and thought it would be great to check it out and see if I could find some of my own ghost stories about the place. (See More Haunting at Hotel Del.)

During my few days out west, I also made a trip up from the Del to see the Whaley House haunting and really enjoyed the staff and site. Their personal stories convinced me that there is something to the tales of restless spirits that seem to make this place their haunt. I would love to pay another visit for an investigation at night if I get another chance to do so. Tip to the Reader: There are some excellent , authentic Mexican restaurants just across the street — do not miss out on this if there!

My last day at the Hotel Del Coronado, I found myself exploring its labyrinth of halls and looking into picturesque rooms and the mesmerizing architecture. It truly is a one of a kind place that reminds me of DisneyLand (or Disney World). The old hotel is just so unique and has so much personality, I could envision coming back with my family and having a great time at this resort. Every corner seemed to have a story about it, history, and that makes it really special. No wonder Disney copied it and remade it in Florida.

The more I killed time by walking the grounds, I began noticing innumerable, breathtaking views that are meant to be discovered while looking at the reds and whites of the building, the dark blue of the ocean, the green and tans of the palm trees, the bounty of floral colors in the landscaping, all set against an azure sky. Fantastic and mood altering.

The hotel staff were wonderful and seemed to enjoy their roles as if they were cast members (Disney reference again, sorry). If you take the time to talk with them, they willingly share history and tidbits of haunting that makes your stay seem memorable.

I wasn’t the only one to have had a ghostly time while there. Numerous times I overheard guests talking about their “weird” encounters or retelling (usually incorrectly) the tragedy of resident ghost, Kate Morgan. How funny.

If you get the chance to visit Coronado Island’s premier, paranormal hot spot, make sure you head west. Head west and do it.

Ghosts in Hollywood?

Motion Picture MagazineRecently, we ran into an old, old ghost story from the 1920s – published in a magazine about early cinema and its stars. It was a gem of a tale, for sure; but, this ghost story amazed us. It was especially significant because the account really showed similar beliefs with those who ghost investigate, today.

There were two pilots in the story who had crashed, separately. Both pilots gave their reasons for visiting the same actress after their deaths. Also, a picture of how the “Great Beyond” may work was also given. Even the fact that an Ouija board was used to make contact was interesting – of course, this was during the time when spiritualism was very popular.

Read Hollywood Ghost Stories and see what you take away from the haunting that perplexed cinema actress (and paranormal witness), Betty Compson.

Ghost Photos, Shadow Man & Story of Haunted Dolls

Angels & Ghosts News!
April 2013
April has been an incredible month, and we are excited to bring you some fantastic stories and ghost photos.

One ghost picture that we recently received, in particular, further confirms a ghostly encounter we have been chasing for over 7 years: the Moundsville Shadow Man. You need to see this awesome collection of photos and their stories. – Louis

The Moundsville Shadow Man Photos
Compare the 3 Shadow Man Ghost Photos! Moundsville Shadow Ghost: Taken in the Psyche Ward
Many years ago, we learned of the West Virginia Pen’s most famous ghost picture, the Shadow Man, and just had to investigate the story behind the photo – onsite. Not only did we come away convinced that Polly Gear’s photograph is authentic, but we’ve received 2 other photos, since our original investigation, that validate the shadow man sighting!

More Ghost Photos
Ghost in PicturesHoly smokes – we have some ghost photos that will astound. See our most recent ghost pictures: Ghost in Pictures

Also view ghosts photographed using our ghost hunting cameras: Full Spectrum Ghost Pictures.

Also view these hot real ghost photo pages:

True Haunted Doll Story

Haunted Doll StoryThis month’s true ghost story comes from Portugal. You might have heard of people wanting to own a haunted doll, but we suggest reading this account before doing so: Haunted Doll Story

Learn more? Visit our Haunted Dolls section!

Ghost Ships: Tales of Haunting at SeaWant More? How About Ghost Ships?
Haunting can happen anywhere, we have found, and the sea holds its share of ghastly tales.

See photos and read stories of Ghost Ships.