ITC: Instrumental Transcommunication

Instrumental Transcommunication: Water ITC ExampleWhat is Instrumental Transcommunication?
ITC, short for Instrumental Transcommunication, is the use of electronic equipment for the purposes of making audio or video contact with the spirit realm. With modern day equipment, recordings of spirits and ghosts are captured in sound and image! Instrumental Trans - communication methods can employ electronic devices such as radios, televisions, computers, audio recorders, telephones, ghost boxes and more in an attempt to communicate with spirits and ghosts. One might say it is the more modern version of ancient techniques known as scrying. Electronic devices that can receive video and/or audio are used to try to receive and record spirit messages from beyond the grave. Such communications may be in the form of images, video or audio recordings.

In this ITC section, we'll learn about different types of Instrumental Transcommunication devices and their uses. Instrumental Transcommunication is exciting and evolving as technology and the techniques may change.

How to do ITCHow to Do Instrumental Transcommunication
With any form of ITC experiment or method, the following are some suggestions that may be applied to achieve better results:

  • For ITC experiments, be in a good frame of mind that is positive, open and fearless. Maintain this mind throughout the ITC experiment.
  • Anticipate the times of ITC contact, even announcing to the spirit world when and where it shall take place. If possible, set a prescribed time to practice contact regularly, so those on the other side also anticipate your contact attempts.
  • Some people use different methods to enter into a spiritual mind-set before the ITC session, such as candles, incense, meditation, etc. The more one “detaches” from the outer world and focuses on the inner, the more one is open to spirit messages, whether through an electronic device or not.
  • Many believe that protection is necessary, such as by visualizing one’s self full of white light, calling upon angels or spirit guides for protection, and by not being afraid. Also it should be noted that drugs and/or alcohol should not be used by the person wishing to make contact with the spirit realm for many reasons.
  • Do not give up on ITC or be discouraged by results. Often times, ITC will require many attempts to make contact. Experiment and stay in a positive mind-set.
  • Some believe having a photograph or object of the person that one wishes to contact as helpful, especially if the person in spirit is concentrated upon with positive thoughts.
  • With any ITC experiment a simple audio recorder should be used either as the primary electronic device or as accompaniment. Record everything and take good notes on all that happens: all that is sensed, all that is heard and all that is seen. Later, the review of the audio recordings could prove very surprising.
  • Experiment with different ITC techniques until you find what works for you. Then work to become proficient with the ITC technique you have found successful. You may find it best to begin with EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). EVP recording is the capture of typically inaudible spirit or ghost voices on an audio recorder, but heard during analysis (playback). Electronic Voice Phenomena is usually only faint, short phrases or words. ITC takes this a step further, usually with longer phrases, two-way communication, visual imagery and more.

Famous ITC Experimenters:
Thomas Edison
Nikola Tesla