Pictures of Spirits

by Louis Charles

The following collection of photos are quite possibly real pictures of spirits - at least what are believed to be spirits captured by the eye of the camera. Each of these photographs continue to inspire many.

Some of the spirit forms shown are often credited with looking like "Jesus" or "Christ," especially to those who are of the Christian faith. And we must admit, there are many similarities between a few of these spirit photographs and artistic illustrations found within Christendom. Religious iconography has been so ingrained within the minds of those in Western society that some may find it difficult to see anything but a famous spiritual leader within spirit photos.

We must mention that artistic renderings of angels have also influenced our ideas about how loving and guiding spirits must look to us. So, we have included a few photographs of cloud-like angelic forms with wings. To learn more about the influence of art, meaning when angels got their wings, please see: Angels in Early Christian Art. One additional inclusion in these pictures of spirits is a church service (or mass?) where an illumined being seems to be presiding along side the one ministering!

Are they real spirits? You decide...

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