Angel & Spirit Encounters

November 2015

Inspiration. Education. There is more beyond what our eyes may see.

Enjoy some unique stories of unexpected experiences with spirits… – Louis

military-man-crossing-street-angel-story-9-2015zzMysterious Military Man: Angel?
When we see others, do we label them, assuming we know who they are, what they feel, what they may be thinking?

Do our misconceptions prohibit us from truly seeing a much larger world? How vast is your perception?

Military Man Angel Story

ghost-airplane-story-9-2015zzPhantom Plane in the Skies…
How do you explain this one? We are left with more questions than answers!

A disappearing plane is seen over the skies of Bolivia. Lisa shares her encounter and wonders if it may be other worldly.

Ghost Airplaine Story

shadow-person-with-boy-by-car-112015Boy and Shadow Figure…
Ernesto wrote us about some odd things happening with his young nephew.

The photo he shared of a shadow in front of the boy’s school and subsequent answers to our questions are compelling.

Is this photo proof of a true encounter with spirit? Could the ghost be a family member?

Shadow Person by Car with Boy

2 thoughts on “Angel & Spirit Encounters”

  1. The reason some ghosts are doom laden and others (much less so) are happy souls is down to how far we evolve as humans. I mean, as a kid i was terrified of ghosts and had incidents. In my early twenties I went on a search and I learned that ghosts that are nasty are like bullies stand up to them and they quickly back down. some are psychopaths and they can only see hate and persecution and have no fun in them. Just like people a few are joyous and happy. For example Terry Wogan will be a happy contented spirit as in his life he managed to reach that stage. Hence why you get ghosts of kids who never got the chance to reach a happy contented person and so their ghost seems lost and yearning. You reap what you sow. I am no longer scared of them. In this life hate filled people can harm you. But as a spirit they cannot. Your energy is safe. They are around but they cannot affect you like they can on earth. But they cannot then become happy like you as they never reached it in life. Hence why the bible says to love your enemy. Hence why budhism is about love. Because if you dont evolve to this as a human then you are stuck like that after. My advice to people in this life is to aim to learn all about love and comedy and contentment. Get the learning done. when you die you cannot evolve further. Hence the concept of heaven is for the good. This means that you get what you deserve. If you lived and died a right selfish bastrd you will be the same as a spirit and even though other spirits have great energy you will never get that for yourself, too late you had the chance and you chose negative crap. See my point?
    Dave allen is a happy spirit full of contentment as he reached this level in life. in the huge expanse of collective energy in the universe our spirit is the totality of what we managed to make it as a human. Someone who chooses to never further their growth and thinks harming others is great their spirit is like the retarded entity they chose to be. I was on lsd and a spirit tried to frighten me and i made fun of it for hiding and using it’s powers over me a mere human and told it what a sad bastard it was when other great minds from earth are great energies in the cosmos it was spending it’s time in a house in bedford trying to scare a mere human and after that it never came back. I put that ghost in it’s place. Also ghosts cannot harm us they can only make us do harm to ourselves and that again is where we need to evolve our minds to a happy contented place full of comedy and joy where we do not harm others but rather try to help them to also ascent to a place of great positive happiness and love. This is fact. My advice is to find happiness and joy and smile and laugh and make your mind full of progressive caring thoughts as when you die you are stuck at the stage you are at. This collective sum of people’s joy and contentment is the energy of the universe. the goal of the universe is for us all to be 100% positive and loving and this is what the bible means by heaven on earth and what other faiths mean by God. This is a long long way of. But if you want to spend eternity happy and wise you better start learning and understanding and reach a state that you’d be happy to be in forever as that is what will happen. One last thing, being content and happy doesn’t mean a silly foolish spaced out joy like been on mdma. it can mean been earnestly engrossed in science if your mindset is academic. it can mean many things that make you content. But try to reach that stage or instead of been a cosmic energy of great joy and power you may end up being a retarded spirit like the ghosts in these photos trying to get help from humans when your game is up. dont say you were’t warned.
    peace all!!!

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