Where to Buy a Ghost Box

Where to Buy a Ghost BoxFor years, people have been asking us, "Where can I buy a ghost box? How can I get a ghost box?"
The Frank's Box Ghost Box
Ever since Frank Sumption began creating his Frank's Box, the ghost box has been popular and something almost everyone has wanted. Because Frank is only one man and doesn't sell the devices he builds but gifts them away as he sees fit, one might need a divine favor in order to have a bit of luck in acquiring one of his devices.
Radio Shack Hacks
Frank's original ghost box has spawned many other developments in the quest to acquire one. The first breakthrough was the Radio Shack Hack models, a name dubbed for altered Radio Shack digital radios. This put the ghost box into the hands of many and is today still the cheapest option for those wondering how or where to buy a ghost box. As of this writing in 2012, buying a Radio Shack ghost box has become impossible as most all of the alterable radios have been discontinued.
There is another problem with acquiring a Radio Shack Hack: some people were not able to alter the radio themselves. Just because a radio that can be altered can be purchased does not mean it will be converted correctly into a sweeping radio ala ghost box. This means there are people who wish to communicate with ghosts who need to be able to purchase a ghost box ready-to-go.

Get a Ghost Box
As previously expressed, getting a hold of a working ghost box can be difficult for many. So what about just forking over the cash to buy a professionally made ghost box? That is becoming the only option as of 2014 unless you become lucky at finding  hackable radio or already converted ghost box for sale on eBay. We sold quote a few of them in the past, from Sangean to Radio Shack altered models. 

In the past, production models of the ghost box had not been something that was readily available for cheap. For example, Mini-box models from Paranormal Systems would cost the purchaser from $499 to $1000 - quite an investment for somebody wanting to dabble in ghost and spirit communication. Production of the Mini-box is now discontinued.
2014 Options
For a more affordable option, the Mel-Meter P-SB7 ghost box will only set a person back about $79-$130. something much more doable. And we would be remiss if we didn't mention that the P-SB7 comes with some pretty neat extra features, especially variable sweep speed adjustment. But now, the market has been flooded with P-SB7 ghost boxes for sale that do not have an amplified speaker built-into it ($79 model sold on eBay). This is important to know because an amplified speaker is required to make this ghost box work best; and amplified speakers (plural) do not work well. You really should use a single amplified speaker for best results.

And as we enter 2014, we heard that a $15 ghost box app came out in 2013 for Android phones (we have not heard whether, or not, it works. Other apps are similar, but function differently. A popular phone app claims to convert energy from spirits into words (we remain skeptical as to how accurate such a concept could be) and is called the "Spirit Story Box"; another app provides prerecorded audio fragments that possibly are manipulated by ghosts and spirits into new words. This phone app is offered by "ITC Digital Dowsing." Both phone apps have received mixed reviews.